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SLi3Pro Inverted 
Fluorescence Microscope

Key Features



  • A new approach to microscopy that combines multiple contrast methods into a simple easy-to-use system that’s almost entirely digital.

  • Spherical and chromatic corrected infinity optical system providing excellent optical quality in any application. 

  • Phase contrast illumination system provides excellent contrast for viewing of live cell/tissue culture samples.

  • The Field of View has been increased to 22mm through the eyepieces.

  • One multi-wavelength and three single wavelengths.

  • Single & multi-illumination mode two modes of operation for more versatility.











  • Compact stand design with focus controls placed low on the microscope stand to provide optimal ergonomics.

  • Light cubes and excitation LED are identified allowing identification by the SeBaLIT software.

  • Long life LED illumination in both transmitted and fluorescence modes.

  • The optional mechanical stage provides precise sample control at higher magnifications and s user installable with no tools required.

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