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Laxco, Inc.

Dennis Donley 




April 15, 2022



The Next Generation Fluorescence Inverted Microscopes


Mill Creek, WA, April 25, 2022 — Laxco, Inc is excited to announce the launch of the SLi3Pro & Sli6Pro, now rapid and accurate screening of live cell samples to pinpoint areas of interest available at the push of a button.


Laxco believes the SLi3Pro & Sli6Pro Multi-Illumination Contrast (MIC) Technology makes multiple channel imaging fast and easy. View and capture any combination of channels with the push of a button.  Single and multi-illumination modes allow viewing or imaging a single Florence channel or multiple channels simultaneously for more versatility.  Reduced complexity from traditional LED fluorescence illumination optical systems through digitally controlled automated fluorescence channels.  Fluorescence microscopy redefined with no moving parts with patented SeBaLITTM technology.


Laxco, Inc.

LAXCO has been a leading provider of high precision, cutting edge optical instruments and microscopes for over 20 years. Our products span a complete range of applications including education, clinical, life science research, and industrial. Our commitment to engineering excellence, breakthrough innovations, and cost effective solutions, makes us one of the most reliable suppliers in the industry. Our products come with a heritage of technical strength, manufacturing discipline, and a prominent reputation of advanced engineering. Our designs incorporate numerous innovative features, address issues others may overlook, and come with a strong industry-proven reputation

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