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Key Features

  • 8” color touchscreen display

  • 589nm LED illumination with 100,000 bulb life

  • RS232 and USB connectivity

  • Stores 4000 data groups to internal memory

  • Supports 100mm and 200mm glass tubes

  • Single button measuring key

  • Printer connectivity to print out readings for paper
    record keeping

  • Ability to create user accounts

  • Ability to create and manage measuring methods

  • OPTIONAL: FD (food and drug administration) mode
    (CFR 21)


  • Optical rotation

  • Specific Rotation

  • Concentration

  • International sugar scale

POL-300 Series

The POL-300 Series Automatic Polarimeter is ideal for the pharmaceutical, chemical, sugar, and food industry to monitor chemical processes, purity, quality control, determination of concentrations, and for characterization of new synthetic substances. Advanced features include an LED light source which is more stable for increased accuracy and an 8” color LCD touchscreen display which allows for easy operation and quick navigation through its various menus.

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