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Key Features




  • Brigtfield, Phase Contrast, and Fluorescence (optional) contrast methods

  • Diopter adjustments

  • 50mm to 75mm Interpupillary adjustments

  • Infinity corrected optical system

  • Anti-reflective coatings on optics

  • Parcentered and parfocal objectives

  • 360° rotatable, 45° binoculars

  • Pre-centered phase annuli

  • Fixed koehler illumination

  • Objective turret: 5 Position





  • Large T-Shaped body for maximum stability

  • Coaxial focus drive with 2 micron precision

  • ECO IR sensor automatically savels power when scope is not in use

  • High contrast for cell and tissue culture applications

  • Camera port for attaching a camera

  • 50/50 image split to camera

LMI-6000 Series Inverted

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