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Key Features

  • Single high-powered LED

  • Carrying handle

  • Lightweight, stable main body for easy portability

  • Brightfield observation

  • Finite corrected optical system

  • 30° observation angle with interpupillary and diopter adjustments

  • 3 watt, adjustable LED illumination with 50,000 hour life span maintains constant color temperature

  • Low-position, X/Y axis mechanical stage allows for precise sample movement

  • Reversed nosepiece allows for easy access to slides • Adjustable focusing stop protects slide

  • External DC Auto-switching power supply (110v - 240v)

  • Rechargeable; battery operation for field use provides 8 hours of continuous illumination




  • Rack and pinion focusing mechanism for smooth focusing control

  • Lightweight, portable stand for the classroom environment

  • Stable main body design

  • Low-position, rectangular mechanical stage with travel limit and tension adjustment

  • Built in carrying handle for easy transportation of microscope

  • Coarse and fine focus adjustment

  • Reversed quintuple or quadruple nose-piece

  • Fixed Koehler illumination with iris diaphragm

Upright Microscope

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